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Workflow and Ticket Management

Operations such as assignment, transfer, take ownerships and escalations are supported.

In order to effectively manage and quickly eliminate vulnerabilities, the findings entered into the system must be well classified and followed up. Considering tens of thousands of security vulnerabilities, it should not be forgotten that these work flows will take time. SecFusion can automatically follow the workflow with the help of custom rules that can be deviced specifically and are triggered when certain conditions occur, without the need for manual intervention.

For example, any IIS critical findings that will imported into the portal at any time can be assigned to a person and/or group in accordance to task rules written previously.

SecFusion includes a business tracking process developed with the experience of its customers operating in many fields, without being dependent on any third party security monitoring software. This workflow process includes many features such as assigning the findings, receiving or transferring them by users, escalation notifications, take ownerships, SLA calculations, reminder e-mails and follow-up reports. In addition, business tracking processes specific to business areas (such as BRSA obligations) are also included in the SecFusion integrated business tracking process.

Institutions can also utilize third-party business tracking processes such as JIRA and ServiceNow through ready to roll SecFusion connections. In this way, corporate users do not have to keep up with a different system for tracking security findings. The status synchronization of monitored vulnerabilities such as Recheck, Reopen, Closed is also automatically and periodically performed by SecFusion connecting through these 3rd party ticketing software.

Although the integrated or third party vulnerability management processes that come with SecFusion reveal strong tracking mechanisms, in some cases organizations use highly customized or self-developed tracking solutions. In such situations, ticketing flows can be integrated into these systems with the help of custom developments.

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Information security professionals are in general out-numbered by the operational, development and business oriented employees. SecFusion provides key features to locate, track, measure, report and orchestrate all the vulnerabilities in your network.

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