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Scanner Reports

Over 20 different vulnerability scanner results are supported.

Automation is also used extensively in the field of information security. In particular, finding vulnerabilities is handled by automatic security scanners. Institutions provide security checks of their assets that are thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands with these automatic scanners. SecFusion supports the transfer of more than twenty of the most popular automatic scanner results, allowing corporate information security professionals to review and manage different browser results through a single interface.

While automatic vulnerability scans save time for institutions, they cannot replace manual penetration tests due to their working structures. For this reason, information security experts constantly perform manual penetration tests. SecFusion creates a comprehensive risk pool for technical security findings by supporting the import of penetration test results in various possible ways.

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Information security professionals are in general out-numbered by the operational, development and business oriented employees. SecFusion provides key features to locate, track, measure, report and orchestrate all the vulnerabilities in your network.

Scanner Reports

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