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Alarm Notifications

Information such as system operation, certificate, domain name are monitored and notified.

SecFusion, where one of its most important components is integration with different solutions in different areas, informs its users about many events that can be triggered using system alarms. Many components that use TLS/SSL technology within the organization are continuously monitored with the help of SecFusion and inform users with alarms when threshold values ​​are exceeded in criteria such as validity of the relevant certificates, expiry time, configuration strength.

Domain names are one of the most critical assets for organizations. SecFusion checks criteria such as the validity time of corporate domain names and ownership changes and informs users with the help of alarms when necessary.

SecFusion, where many security scans can be automated, will generate alarms about the health of the system by informing the relevant users when the scans are terminated successfully or simply failed.

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Information security professionals are in general out-numbered by the operational, development and business oriented employees. SecFusion provides key features to locate, track, measure, report and orchestrate all the vulnerabilities in your network.

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