Security follows business. Keep on top of Security.

Let's face it, security comes after business. And why shouldn't it be for most of the commerce systems? A security decision against business is hardly accepted. An operation team member may left open a known service port on an Internet facing service with default or easy to guess username/password for just "in order service to be up and running" against a strict deadline. The responsible security team or professional should continually scan the services for these type of "innocent vulnerabilities" and gets them fixed.

Technology quickly changes and evolves with time passing. So does the security posture of a system. Keeping a system secure is a hard task to tackle and there are numerous approaches applied. Just like ongoing unit tests in Continuous Integration of software engineering (in order to ensure that changes in software doesn't break anything), security monitoring should be, too, an ongoing process making sure that any changes in configuration or software don't open vulnerabilities for hackers to abuse.

Services change with production deployments, application of patches and configurational tweaks. These modifications directly or indirectly affect the stability and security, therefore vulnerabilities might be introduced. Periodic and continuous security scan should prevent such vulnerabilities lingering around for a long time for an attacker to take advantage of.

As an on-premise solution, with SecFusion you can;

  1. Manage vulnerabilities, compliance controls, software security bugs and manual pentest findings through a single platform.
  2. Utilize over 20 different web and network security scanner results. Automate more than 10 different web and network security scanners.
  3. Handle security issues through built-in or 3rd party ticketing systems with AD support and dynamic SLA management.
  4. Automate security workflows including ticket assigment, periodic notifications, escalations, reporting

As an on-demand solution, you can let SecFusion periodically scan your target network, applications and find then report vulnerabilities from the cloud. Moreover, such a service should not just "scan and find" vulnerabilities, it also has to add manual value to the analysis by eliminating false positives, helping prioritization and utilizing manual audits for hard to find business logic and design vulnerabilities.

SecFusion is the top quality on-premise and on-demand vulnerability assessment service. It is easy to use but contains sophisticated web-based flows merged with critical human intelligence support.