Asset management is the heart of a successfull vulnerability management system. Unfortunately, most of the corporates lack a well established asset management system. So, when asset findings are found it becomes hard to mitigate them.

A vulnerability management system should help at its best to produce clues towards remediation. Grabbing all the possible details about an asset, SecFusion has a panoramic view of your company’s assets including every detail you need. This panoramic view, complementing the list view, includes;

  • owners
  • alarms
  • OS version
  • vulnerability severity distribution
  • products running on the server
  • all the history logs about the server (insertion, scans, assignments, etc.)
  • reachability status
  • vulnerabilities
  • services
  • possible SSL protocol weaknesses
  • Domain/SSL certificate problems
  • DNS information
  • Domain details

You also have an instant risk score of the asset by viewing the SecFusion risk score given derived from the severity of the existing vulnerabilities and the priority of the asset itself when defined.

Iterating through the assets and searching is also possible with the panoramic view, which gives a superb flexibility when skimming through your assets.